Nak Klahan Chorjork Reatrey II [43END]

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Nak Klahan Chorjork Reatrey S2, Ever Night S2 (2020), Chinese Khmer Deb, Khmer Komsan, 
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Legend says that the timeless night is drawing nearer and that a disaster will happen to humankind. After Sang's personality is found, Ning Que gives his best for safeguard her. Ning Que has battled long and difficult to acquire equity for his loved ones. In his street to development, he has turned into a defender of Tang Country. In any case, shrewd individuals have uncovered Sang's association with the timeless evening and means to kill her. Reluctant to see his lifelong companion get injured, Ning Que goes with her in defeating numerous obstructions. As of now, the Tang Nation is in danger of falling under the control of warlords. Ning Que gets requests to lead the military in safeguarding the country.