Sdach Thnam Vei Kmeng [36END]

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Sdach Thnam Vey Kmeng, Prodigy Healer (2019), Chinese Khmer Drama, Chinese Khmer Deb, Khmer Komsan,  Watch Khmer movie and video online for free including Thai drama, Thai lakorn, Chinese drama, Korean drama.
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An illustrious from a hallowed clan consolidates Qing Nang Shu with Eastern and Western practices to fix the wiped out and save the perishing.

Mu Xing Chen who comes from the Shen Mu Tribe has been reading up medication for a really long time. At the point when Ye Yun Shang, a young lady from a group of specialists, barges into their region, he saves her from inconvenience and winds up taking off with her. Needing to get away from the governmental issues inside his family, Xing Chen takes a shot in the ordinary world. His process assumes him to a position distressed by an uncommon sort of the plague. Notwithstanding the preliminaries, he goes on an excursion to turning into an expert of medication all while tracking down affection.