Nisay Sne Chea Niron [47END]

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Nisay Sne Chea Niron, The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion, Chinese Khmer Drama, Chinese Khmer Deb, Khmer Komsan,  Watch Khmer movie and video online for free including Thai drama, Thai lakorn, Chinese drama, Korean drama.
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Fu Rong is the second girl of the strong Fu family. Yet, after a horrible incident and an excruciating disease, she is conceded the endowment of prescience. Ready to investigate her own future, she can see extraordinary marvels - an unspeakable misery.
She sees herself wedding a dapper duke named Su Xu Jin. However, she can likewise see that a grievous and inconvenient fate additionally looks for her. She starts to feel that her inauspicious termination might be connected to her friendship with the duke, so chooses to keep away from him no matter what. Be that as it may, predetermination won't be so handily deterred: various devious plots take steps to oust the regal family and cast the domain into disorder. At last, Fu Rong understands that the main way she can assist with carrying harmony to the land is to unite with the duke - and endeavor to take the necessary steps to change her fortunes!