Sousdey Tevada Meondeuk [24END]

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Sousdey Tevada Meondeuk , Chinese Khmer Drama, Chinese Khmer Deb, Khmer Komsan, 
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As a 10,000 year old divine, Bo Yan should have had a great deal of contribution keeping the issues of the people under his thought in line. Nevertheless, when the old endless unexpectedly wrecks different connections inside the human world, he should pick the choice to recognize the consequences of his exercises. Minimized from his post overhead, Bo Yan is delivered off the human space to experience the starters looked by individuals he went through such incalculable years caring for.

Tumbling from the sky, Bo Yan ends up experiencing Shangguan Ya, alluded to more as "Xiao Ya", the owner of a productive matchmaking business, in a most frightening way. A peculiar young woman with rapid psyche and a mind blowing cerebrum, Xiao Ya doesn't have any idea what to think about Bo Yan all along. To blend in with his as of late found conditions, he takes the name Chu Ye. Regardless, as they get to know one another, it in a little while turns out to be certain that they're coordinated by more than a straightforward event.