Chakhu Achariyak [56END]

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Chakhu Achariyak , Chinese Khmer Drama, Chinese Khmer Deb, Khmer Komsan, 
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It is said that main people with the "soul language" (言灵 in Chinese and Kotodama in Japanese) can have a couple of Golden Eyes. A basic pawn shop specialist, Zhuang Rui had his own eyes transformed after a mishap during a theft endeavor of an old Jade cutting. His transformed eyes in this manner acquired many changes to his life numerous startling ways he might at any point envisioned. His new life began after he took on the sets of extraordinary eyes and his profound experience started. The mythical serpent faction are the main people who approach this power and Chu Zi is the main individual separated from the mythical serpent family who can use this enchanted power. Nonetheless, Chu Zi's degree of authority over the sets of brilliant eyes isn't equivalent to that of the two siblings from the winged serpent group, Lu Ming Fei and Lu Wei Zhe, who are additionally gave with this mysterious gift.