Ponleu Ney Sachak Thor [41END]

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Ponleu Ney Sachak Thor, The Justice (2018), Chinese Khmer Deb, Khmer Komsan, 
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From humble starting points, Cheng Yi Zhi has consistently battled to track down his place among the rushing about of 1930s Shanghai. With very little to his name, he has figured out how to possibly figure out a small living by working in the modern and business shops at the core of the city. Yet, after an opportunity experience with Wu Ru Fu, a deeply grounded investor, and his girl, Li Zi, Yi Zhi tracks down a fantasy and the will to seek after it, something he's never had. Surrendering his life in the shops, Yi Zhi enters the universe of money. With his fast mind and innate ability, he before long grabs the attention of Boss Huang, one of the financial business' greatest players. Rapidly hoop Boss Huang's trust, Yi Zhi before long gets himself the manager's nearest comrade. Conscious of Huang's most obscure insider facts, Yi Zhi uncovers a reality so surprising, it drives him from Huang's side. With Li Zi's help and support, Yi not entirely set in stone to make his own specific manner in the realm of money, passing on Boss Huang to his own loathsome dealings. In any case, Huang isn't one to be dismissed so delicately. Trying to annihilate the one who once remained close by, Huang will persevere relentlessly to cut Yi Zhi down. Yet, the honest youthful broker won't go down easily. With the underground party of industrialists backing him, Yi Zhi goes head to head against Boss Huang; yet will the consolidated strength of individuals be sufficient to oust this strong adversary?