Kbach Kun Kambet Pikheat [51END] Legend of Fei

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Kbach Kun Kambet Pikheat, Chinese Khmer Drama, Chinese Khmer Deb, Khmer Komsan, 
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Zhou Fei is the granddaughter of a public legend who had to turn into a desperado to serve everyone's benefit. For a considerable length of time, her granddad, then her mom, were accused of running a mystery stronghold, staffed by scoundrels. The post's job is to safeguard the world against bizarre, supernatural champions goal on carrying their exceptional kind of turmoil to the human domain However, the stronghold has fallen in status lately, and Zhou Fei is tired of being restricted to the spot of her introduction to the world. She yearns to get away and puts forth rehashed attempts to move away. However, her life changes everlastingly when she nearly suffocates and is just saved by a unique youthful combative techniques master named Xie Yun.

The couple frames an improbable kinship and chooses to level up their battling abilities together - an opportune choice as noxious powers are currently plotting new difficulty. The pair starts on an undertaking. Yet, as time passes by, they start to uncover privileged insights… including that of Xie Yun's actual personality.