Mjas Than Taing 3 [48END]

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Mjas Than Taing 3, Chinese Khmer Drama, Chinese Khmer Deb, Khmer Komsan, 
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As the seventh duke, Yin Chen can employ the force of the breeze, fire, water and earth. As he attempts to safeguard his pupil Qi Ling, he uncovers a historic mystery.

During the fifteenth century B.C., the relatives of past heads were trapped in an unending fight for the standard over Shang. Despite the fact that Yang Jia prevails with regards to expecting the high position, the country has become overflowing with inside and outer strife. As indicated by legends, the person who gets the assistance of Chi You's relative can govern the world. Yin Chen drives the inquiry in order to end the contention. Qi Ling is a young fellow from a little town who becomes Yin Chen's follower by some coincidence, accordingly starting his phenomenal excursion.